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It Just Is

It Just Is

One of the most frustrating parts to being human is this organ that sits snuggly and tight, front and center and balanced on a bony rod on top of our bodies.  This demanding creature tries to dictate its rules upon us, not caring if it makes us miserable or not.  This fleshy know it all, also known as our mind, is about to get a ticket to outer space, because quite frankly, I'm tired of listening to it.

Have you ever felt that those internal voices, repeating time and time again, should just knock it off?  Now I may be sounding like a bratty teenager, insisting that my way is better then the "boss' way," but I have come to realize that my defiance against this ego mind is not such a bad thing.  What if I just stopped listening to it.  Or better yet, what if I just said, "SO WHAT!  It is what it is, and I accept me.  No matter what you say."
That is the realization I had this morning when I started my daily download of "you will never be in a relationship again."  "There is no hope for you."  "You'll never write your book, only real writers do that!"  You know what I said today that was different from any other day?  I said, 'Alright then.  I accept my life exactly how it's supposed to be and I trust that this is where I'm supposed to be right now."

You know what happened when I raised my voice to this inflated self?  It was speechless.  For the first time it didn't know what to say.  And to that, I put a smile on my face, looked out the window and breathed in all of the beauty I could muenster.   There was no more internal battle.  I put down my sword and realized that my gifts were in the moments right now.  Who cares if I'm single the rest of my life.  That doesn't seem to bother me now when I'm listening to a child laugh on the playground, or feel the sweet spring breeze caress my skin while freshening the air with its fragrant bouquet. 

By letting go I was able to be in my joy now.  I realized when I released those doubts and accepted my life exactly as it is, I felt a tremendous shift within.  I felt lighter.  Softer.  More at peace.  I have known that being mindful and in the moment is the way to live, but it wasn't until I fully accepted my life, did I really get how beautiful the present moment was.

Now, its your turn to say, "SO WHAT!" to those doubts and worries.  You are exactly where you need to be right now.  And once you accept that and begin to see the beauty that is begging to be seen, you will finally be truly living.  Very quickly your joy will help guide your way.  One beautiful moment at a time.

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