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Intuitive Genius

One thing I can say for sure, my wits only extend so far.  My mind is fallible and when I'm listening to that sneaky fella called the ego, I find I'm driving in bad neighborhoods and dodging bullets from players who are up to no good.  This ego guys tone is sure and strong, so I'm not surprised that I listen to him most of the time.  But after I have been given bad directions over and over again, I began to see the ill of my ways.

I then take the elevator upstairs to the voice that knows my truth.  This voice is real and yet appears separate and more superior to my conscious mind.  I like to think of him/her/them as guides who wait eagerly in the background for our cry for help.  These spirit guides are my go to now, and I swear if they don't say the darnedest things!

I read about how we all have this internal guidance years ago in a book.  They said this voice is subtle and often we brush it off as pointless chatter.   But when you just ask for it to make itself known, those jumbled words begin to make sense.  And all you had to do was ask.

My first try of this started like this.  I closed my eyes and asked for this powerful master to show me itself and give me all it has.  At first I didn't hear anything.  Except my mind protesting this silly idea in the first place.  Then when I put that little ego in the corner, I started to take these small words seriously.  It's almost like being a secretary dictating on paper what was being said.  Sometimes we don't really hear the words, but they are being said.  

So I listened more carefully.  Then I put reason aside (yes this guy can be a nuisance as well) and just trusted that what was being told to me was from something higher.  Something divine.  And what I got was advice that was so brilliant, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have thought of it myself.  In fact these guides helped me through deep wounds that would have taken me years of therapy to recover.  And I didn't have to pay a dime!

As a Soul Coach I'm blessed with the expertise to help people connect with their spirit guides through guided mediation.  In fact I have never had a client not see something who, like always, offered advice that was out of this world.  Sometimes these forms take shape as an angel or beautiful light.  Other times they present as a horse or an owl.  In fact I had one client where his spirit guide showed up as a hot dog vendor!   But a very wise and intuitive vendor I reassure you.

In all of these situations, the messages being conveyed were life changing and powerful.  I have done enough readings, not only with clients but with myself as well, to have no doubt in these unconditionally loving helpers.   I have learned to trust their guidance and have found my life working better than I had ever expected, simply by listening to them.

So take this time now to tap into this hidden power awaiting your green light.   All you need to do is ask, believe, and see that our spiritual helpers are happy to give you guidance that is from out of this world.  Just open your mind, shut your mouth and let the truth flow in.  One blessed word at a time.    


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