Walking on Coals
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Walking on Coals

Walking on Coals

Not that I was ever lucky enough to attend a Tony Robbins workshop, but I have heard about the infamous coal walking challenge.  For those of you who don't know Tony Robbins, he is a self help guru who has become one of the leaders in motivational speaking.  His passion for what he does is infectious and his followers would do almost anything for him.  Including walking on coals.

Now you may ask, why on earth would someone want to walk on coals?  I mean, why would we place our bare feet, naked of protection and weighted down by our entire being on a bed of molten hot coals?!  One of Tony's goals with his workshop attendees is to enlist courage to do anything and everything in their lives.  So at the beginning of his weekend workshops he makes everyone promise to stick it out to the very end and to push through, no matter what may come forth.

What I like about this challenge is it proves that taking that one scary step won't kill you.  I mean it may burn, and perhaps blister a bit.  But the strength it took to take that first move is an invaluable experience.

Now transcribe that courage to all areas of your life.  Once you start to doubt your courage you can remind yourself that you walked on fricken coals!  Want to have the courage to begin a career change?  Why the heck not?  Want to ask that girl out at the coffee shop?  I mean if the coals didn't kill ya, this moment is like peanuts in comparison, right? 

I'm not saying that you need to light up 500 bags of BBQ coals and start your own tranformative hot lava walking bed.  Rather, I'm pointing out that each moment you elicit courage, you start to see that life can be thrilling when you take a chance.

When you take those much needed risk, you life opens like a flower on a clear summer morning.  You stand tall, proud and full of excitement for the day.  Will you fall?  Of course you will.  But like the best of the best would tell you, success doesn't come without failure.  Our scars are really divine reminders that we have healed from our past failures.  

Now go take some risk.  Jump the next mountain.  Fly with wobbly wings.  Light your heart on fire with that next love.  How bad could it really be?  Or better yet, how much greater will your courage be.  You my friend are a bad ass.  Those coals ain't got nothing on ya! 

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