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Begin Again

Begin Again

Haven't there been times in your life  when you wish you could have a do over?  When you frantically look for the delete button, the undo arrow, or the amnesia ray gun.  Have you ever sent a text or email and immediately wish you didn't?  Instead you send a frantic "JK" and hope the recipient would find you to be funny.  Sometimes our wrong doings feel so tragic that our best option would be to go live in a cave and connect with our caveman roots.  I mean,  how hard could it be to sleep on a cold rock and be chased after by dinosaurs?  

Then there are the things in life that hit you with its cosmic 2x4's, again and again... and again.  You know that kind of thing that has been screaming at you to stop but instead you put up your middle finger,  then immediately step in a pile of dog poo. As humans we think that our way is the best way.  Our egos can talk us out of anything and will manipulate us into believing that we are indebted with such valuable wisdom.

I had a patient recently who was given a wake up call with a cosmic knife.  He had been a heavy drinker and would admit a mean drunk at that.  He had tried unsuccessfully to stop drinking, even though it had ruined his life.  He finally got the message with a knife in his abdomen by way of his roommates hands.  Now, I'm not saying this guys was at all happy about being stabbed.  But being in the hospital with loads of alone time, he had decided that it was time to finally listen to this loud voice of reason and to give the bottle a rest.  He realized that it was his poor behavior that had provoked such an attack.  Now it was his time to begin again.

Everyday is a new beginning.  The second you open your eyes in the morning, you have the ability to start over.  If your unhappy, you can start thinking about the things you do have.  Gratitude is the cure to all annoying voices!  If your lonely you can reach out to a friend or join a fun group.  If your ashamed of something you did, you can realize that we ALL have things that we wish we hadn't done and that is just part of being human.

Life is always moving.  The only moment is now, and right now is a new moment.  What happened yesterday is so old news.  Sitting, breathing, seeing, listening... these are all you need to focus on.  And when you do, you will find all of those shameful thoughts that your ego is blabbing at you will become muffled and insignificant.  If it persist, give it the middle finger.  Your too busy enjoying the moment.

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Reply to comment on Saturday, July 14, 2018 3:27 AM
Yea really, I wanted to restart my life and would love to delete the memories that are bad. So then I can enjoy my life accordingly and forget the fear and tensions of my past. If everyone will be given this power so no one will be sad even after experiencing some thing worse.
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