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Don't Believe the Hype

Don't Believe the Hype

I can't tell you how often I hear from people who are applying for jobs or schools and are worried the about competition.  They say to me, "But Michele, it's a highly competitive program.  Only 3% of the people who apply get in!"  Or they say, "I don't have a chance in the world!  Look at all of those great candidates!"  

Then I tell them to stop believing that they aren't that 3% and to instead start a new conversation stat!  In fact what I often say to people is, "Fuck the competition!"  They are good enough and are completely worthy of being picked.  What often keeps people from getting in, being hired or getting promoted is their limited, self defeating thoughts that are taking up most of their attention.

I want you to ask yourself what goes through your mind when you are trying to reach for a goal you feel is unattainable.  Do your thoughts stray to, "I'm no where as qualified as those others who are doing it."  Or, "I may as well give up on my dreams because the competition is way too steep."  If these are your thoughts (and trust me, 99.9% of us have had these nasty buggers burrowing on our shoulders at some point), I now give you permission to tell them to fuck off.

Then once you place firm boundaries and have set up your spiritual bodyguards, you can then start a new conversation that will lift you ahead of all others.  What is that conversation you ask?  It starts with a simple "Yes I can!"  And then, you can gain momentum, pick up your energetic speed and say, "This is SO mine!"  (supplementing a giddy dance can help add to the mood as well).

Then, when anyone tells you that your smoking crack and living a pipe dream if you think you can reach your goal, you tell them with a smile on your face,  "WMMF" (Watch Me Mother Fucker).  There is no reason what-so-ever that you need to listen to the hype.  You are good enough!  You are the number one candidate!  You are exactly where you need to be.

So start this conversation now.  Say it loud, and say it proud, "I AM THE BEST AND I WILL ACHIEVE MY GOALS- WMMF!"  


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