Fear is So Boring
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Fear is So Boring

Fear is So Boring

Throughout our lifetime we will find ourselves faced with a plethora of fears.  As children we beg our parents to keep the monsters out of our room as we hide under our covers.  We sweep under our bed with a broomstick in order to show the boogie man whose boss, only to have nightmares that we are being eaten by a gigantic red eyed teddy bear.

Fear is part of our genetic makeup.  We are gifted with this thing called the "fight or flight response" where our bodies go into a state of "we are going to kick some ass or run like a bat out of hell."   And then when all calms down and you are finally breathing again, you realize that you didn't need to run or fight.  Our bodies were trying to trick us again.

Most of the fears we deal with set off these reactions.  Yet when we remember that we are not going to die and the body is just doing what it was biologically programmed then we can stop giving it our power.  We can now give a fear a new meaning.  Or more of a cosmic face lift.

 I saw this idea of "fear is so boring," on a post by famed author Elizabeth Gilbert.  I was just about to submit a book proposal and was feeling like a complete fraud.  I felt like I picked to audition for the starring role, but forgot that I have no talent.   I  have tried many times to write my book, but then gave up when I started to question my worth.  I began to fear that no on would like me.  I worried that people would tell me to stop pretending to be a writer and that only "real" writers write books.

Then I stop writing.  That darn fear won again!   But what I realized after reading her post, is that ALL writers, artist, or whoever creates, feels this way.  In fact if you took a poll and asked all the successful writers out there and asked them if they had these negative voices, I would say 99% of them would say they did.

So, let's put fear in a box, lock it up and send it sailing down the river of "I don't care!  I'm going to do it anyway!"   Give yourself a big hug and know that you are not alone with all of your fears.  Cause really, all of these fears that seem to speak so loudly to us are just plain boring!

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