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What Abraham-Hicks Taught Me About Dreaming

Yesterday I had the good fortune to get up in the hot seat with Abraham-Hicks.  For those of you who don't know Abraham-Hicks, you should immediately go to YouTube and do a quick search (well maybe not immediately, I would hate for you to miss this post!).  Abraham-Hicks is one of the best teachers on the Law of Attraction and their teachings are out of this world.  No, they really are.  

Abraham is a spirit entity that is channeled through Ester Hicks.  When I first heard Abraham on Hay House Radio, I  had no idea what Abraham was.  All I knew was I have never heard anything that made more sense to me.  I felt my soul shout out a "hell yeah!" while my earthly mind sat there with jaw open and eyes bulging in that kind of "ah-ha" moment, still not sure how to process this very rich information.

So you can see, I'm a huge fan of Abraham-Hicks.  Therefore to be picked to go up to the fancy chair that travels all over the world with them, where thousands of people sat before me in the same state of awe... I felt very lucky.

One thing about Abraham is the person picked is never an accident.  In truth there are no accidents and whoever ends up in the chair of enlightenment will be there because so many others are wondering the same question.  In fact on the breaks several people came up to me thanking me for my question.

My question was what do our dreams mean and are we manifesting what is in our dreams.  For me that would be super terrible since I often have sad dreams relating to my ex-husband or my sad childhood.

They said (yes, Abraham speaks in the plural) dreams are there to help you realize what is still in your energetic field, whether you like it or not.  When we are dreaming we are in a state of no resistance.  Therefore all that needs to come forth can bubble up and help you see where you may be resisting.  

Abraham also talked about the importance to allow negative emotion to come forth and to not be hard on ourselves when they do.  We are to use those negative emotions to help us realize what we still need to clear from our energetic field and to help us realize what we do want instead.

I know for me, I'm a very positive person and even though I want to be real with my emotions and allow all that needs to come forth, I subconsciously disallow these emotions to come forth.  I'm just too busy being positive and happy.  Therefore, I learned yesterday that I need to bless these dreams and thank them for helping me be more real with what is stirring about in my existence.

Now when you dream you too can ask yourself why these dreams came forth.  I know that my dreams of my ex-husband have been few and far between.  I thank my dreams for helping me see how far I've come in my growth and self-healing.  I hope you too can see your dreams in a different light.  

Most importantly, use this information not as a self-punishment for being so negative, rather to help you see more of what you need to erase and then allow your desires of what you do want to come through.  What we resist persist.  Our dreams are there to help you see clearly what is being resisted.

Sweet dreams everyone.  I hope my question helped you too.

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