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Being Authentic

I find the greatest teachers are those who are real and upfront about their imperfections.   My Soul Coaching teacher Denise Linn, who is world renowned and has been teaching this stuff for over 30 years once told me that she felt like she did a terrible job at her workshop that I recently attended.  Of course I told her she was crazy!  Yet I was humbled that someone so experienced and established could feel that way sometimes.

At this same conference that Denise taught at (which is an I Can Do It! conference held by Hay House world wide) I was comforted by all of the teachers and speakers and their realness.  Louise Hay, who is the founder of Hay House and is the queen of the positivity movement, came out on stage telling everyone that she was on the verge of a panic attack.  We all did a tapping session (EFT) with her and embraced her with our love (all 10,000 of us).  How great that felt to see someone whom I admire and look up to being as human as the person sitting next to me.

I believe what makes us all human and real is when we are just that- real and human.  None of us is perfect.  Who would want to be around a perfect pants anyways?  I know I connect  better with others who are able to show their real side, including their fears, insecurities and doubts in themselves.

When I teach my classes, I lay it all out there.  I admit when I'm not sure about something and I will laugh at myself when I get confused (which can happen).  I stand in front of my students being me, which then allows them to be themselves too.  

My journey of realness started on my meditation bench.  I often begin my sessions asking to see my truest self.   I had a long standing relationship with "Mr. Denial" so I constantly needed to check in on my truth.   My old me would frequently morph into whoever I was around, since people pleasing was my best skill at the time.  Therefore, I have made it my priority to be me, no matter what others think.  And by doing so, I have become more authentic.  Both with myself, and to all of those around me.

I want to invite all of you to come from the most human, wholehearted place you can think of.   Start your day remembering that when you come out as your authentic self, others will too.  A great book on this is by Brene Brown called "The Gifts of Imperfection."  Her Ted talks are spectacular and her popularity I think is due to the fact that so many of us want permission to be real and not fall back on that high school persona that we needed to feel loved and accepted.

Now is the time to show up as you.  When you do, that is when you start to see how spectacular you really are and always were.  I know for me, when I gave up my mask and caked on makeup, I began to see real love come my way.  

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