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Believing in Yourself

Never Give Up Believing in Yourself

I recently watched a video of a guy who was told by doctors he would never walk on his own again.  After being injured in the Gulf War, he had gained 200 lbs, wore braces on his legs and used canes to help him navigate his world.  But he believed in himself and set on a journey to prove the world wrong- he would walk unassisted again.

He did accomplish the seemingly impossible.   In one year he lost over 140 pounds, and mastered yoga poses that most couldn't accomplish with years of practice.  The video ended with him not only walking, but running with a triumphant smile on his face.  All because he believed that he could do it.

Our minds, I believe, are what make us heal.  Our thoughts are the starting point of where our bodies will react.  We are taught to believe what others tell us.  Often it is those who we seek help from are the ones that poison our minds and make us believe that there is nothing that can be done.  We are taught that science is factual and that when we see a slide, told it is cancer, we believe every word that comes out of this seemingly intelligent, educated person who unfortunately we give all our power to.

I'm here to tell you that just the mere thought of hopelessness can be the final thing that ends your life.  I have seen this with patients of mine who were told that there was nothing we could do for them.  

In one particular case, the patient had a blood disorder and was on our floor for a few weeks waiting out his final prognosis.  In the mean time he was moving about the room without much help and was very much a "walky,talky" as us nurses like to call patients who can do all of their personal care on their own.  He had a supportive wife who never left his side and had a sense of humor that kept all of us nurses on our toes.

Then the prognosis came.  There was nothing that we could do and we should start talking palliative care.  That was in the morning.  By that night he was dead.  It happened that quick!

So, what if we instead helped people believe in themselves?  To help them have hope.   I'm on a mission to do this with my patients.  I teach them the power of the mind.  I help them see all the great things they have in their life, giving them some sense of hope.  I teach them affirmations and the power they hold.  I even go so far as to have them think of an affirmation that will help them heal, then we write it on their white board in the room as a reminder to say it everyday.

I believe in the mind as a powerful healer.  I encourage all of you reading this to believe this too.  There is no such thing as impossible.  There is no reason we can't heal.  Begin today by saying affirmations that offer our minds a sanctuary in which to lay.  Say it out loud and with conviction.  Don't give up. It takes time to reprogram our thinking, but if we never start we may never know.  I also encourage you all out there to read about others who have succeeded in using their minds to heal.  And please share here if you have a story of healing with the mind.  There more information out there the more we all believe. 

I for one will be here to help you believe.  It is my calling.

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breitling on Sunday, November 09, 2014 11:03 PM
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