Love Is the Ultimate Healer
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Love Is the Ultimate Healer

Love Is The Ultimate Healer
I have always asked myself why I love nursing so much when so many of my colleagues don't.  I work on a very challenging unit where we often get the sickest of the sick in the state.  In fact the large teaching hospital where I reside has been ranked in the top ten as far as complex and higher acuity patients.  Essentially we have bragging rights to say, yes, our job is hard!
On any given shift I see patients battling life threatening ailments ranging from cancer,  heart failure, Cystic Fibrosis and ALS (well known as Lou Gehrig's Disease).  They come in with drug and alcohol addiction, depression, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.  It is here that they give up hope.  It is here that they shut their eyes, beg for strong intravenous pain meds, and check out of their bodies. 
It is here where all of their dignity is stripped of them by a flimsy hospital gown that often is the first to go when many of my patients become confused (I find it interesting that confused people like to be naked!). But it is here where they are real and raw.  There is no ego getting in the way.  They are in essence like infants in that they are vulnerable and at the mercy of us nurses and doctors to help keep them alive.  But I have realized the most important thing I can do for a patient is to help them know that they are loved.
Many of my patients share stories of struggle and suffering.  As I listen, offer a loving heart and a non-judgmental ear, I see their energy shift and their demeanor becomes one of receptivity.  Their pain lessons, their hope begins a new and they are able to see that maybe they are more then this illness.  Their stories of survival often inspire me and I feel so very blessed to be that one person in their life that they are willing to share some of their fears and traumas.
So, why do I love nursing so much?  It's because this is where my love for others can really make a difference.  I have been fortunate enough to be trained well and feel experienced enough to spend more of my time focusing on the soul of my patient and not as much on the technical aspect of my job (which comes to me very easy now).   I see my patients become renewed after I sit with them.  In fact just by listening I have allowed them to feel human again and not just a room number and diagnosis.
I have made it my mission to educate other nurses on the importance of love as a healer.  I know we are busy and have little time to sit and really listen.  But if we don't, who will?  In reality the doctors see's the patient for only a very small fraction of the day.  Us nurses are there 24/7.  We have an ability to connect. 
Love is the true healer.  Why else do children insist that we kiss their wounds?  They know it makes them better.  Health care, in my opinion, has not caught onto the importance of this powerful emotion.  When I nurse with love, I don't feel drained or overwhelmed.  I feel energized and more love pours through me in endless amounts.  My patients do better and I know I have given them the greatest tool to help them heal. 
So no matter if you are a health care worker or just even being around people, sending someone love, even energetically will help them feel better and you as well.   I do believe in miracles, but the most important ingredient to make them happen is love.  We can never give enough of that!

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When someone talks with love we feel happy because our brain is made to feel so. It can heal wounds of deep heart. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information with us.
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Yes,This true that love can heal you when you are emotionally shattered and depressed. Love makes you emotionally strong.
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