The Importance of Giving
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The Importance of Giving

The Importance of Giving
Today I saw a post on Facebook that was a Youtube video of a woman who went around the LA area and gave hot meals to homeless people on the street with a friend of hers.  She said she didn't want to tell anyone as to keep it a sacred event.  But after her experience, she was so inspired she had to share.  I'm so thankful she did, because she did just that for me.  She inspired me to do something as well.  No one should suffer.  And now that the temperatures are dropping, I feel even more compelled to help.
The funny thing about life is that the Universe always seems to find ways to get you to move into action.  In my Law of Attraction Meetup group, the message I keep relaying to people is to take inspired action and to listen to the signs the universe gives you.  So, today, the universe has been shouting to me.  Thankfully, I'm listening.
So, after the Youtube video, I went to church.  I go to Unity church and I swear every time I go, the message is speaking directly to me.  I went there feeling sure that I needed to do some sort of service to the people here in this town.  My dream is to do humanitarian work abroad, but why not start here?  As soon as I sat down, another member asked if I would be interested in doing some fund raising for the children in the church.   I felt the universe smiling at me at that moment.  It was as if the Universe was saying, "Told you we were listening."  But, the messages didn't stop there.
During the service, Reverend Lisa spoke about giving and the importance of doing service for others.  Now, you might say this is no coincidence since it is church and holiday's are upon us.  Perhaps this is so.  But for me, this was a lead to my next venture.  I NEED to help others who are suffering, and the homeless being cold on the streets seem to be the image in my mind that I wanted to help prevent.  In fact the first thought in my mind was blankets.  They need more blankets.
Like a good novel, this day only got better.  As I was putting out recycling this thought rushed through my mind when I saw a homeless woman who often comes by on trash day to collect cans, going through my recycling bin.  I asked her if she found the one can I had in there (I felt bad I didn't have more).  She said she did, and I noticed a softness to her voice that I didn't expect.  She seemed appreciative that I even talked to her.
Shortly after this encounter, I saw a blanket in my basement that I could have given her.  She was long gone at this point.  I regretted not being more forthright about this blanket.  Later, though, my blanket would in fact find a new home.
Again, I can't emphasize the power of the universe to answer your calls.  Or is it telling you what to do?  Either way, this day of service was being answered.  As I was settling into my cozy couch, with a warm fire going and kids in bed, I hear a knock on the door.  Now being a single woman, I need to be a bit cautious.  So I carefully open the door and there stands a homeless man I helped over the summer who at that time was only looking for a can opener to open his can of chile.  We had a nice encounter then and I gave him some food and $20 and had a nice but brief conversation about his life (I'm very nosy and like to hear people's life stories).  Six months later he is at my door, asking for what?  A blanket!!
I happily gave him the blanket and my heart ached for all the other homeless people out there who will be cold tonight.  I found some thermal sleeping bags on Amazon which were relatively cheap.  I bought some and now will go out and at least try to keep others warm.   
The point of this blog is not to brag about the great things I'm doing, but to instill in all of you that it doesn't take much to help someone.  The more we give, the way more we get.  I don't know where this will all lead.  I just know today, I needed to keep someone warm.  And that's exactly what I did.  My heart sings for this.  For that is my greatest reward.  

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