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Laws of Attraction

Laws Of Attraction
I was introduced to the Laws of Attraction a couple of years ago by a friend who managed to find her soul mate by utilizing this amazing technique.  Newly single and feeling like a fish out of water, I too wanted to find my soul mate and make my next relationship right.  I quickly realized that dating wasn't for me, and if I was going to get serious about finding somebody, I had to do something.  At the very least, I wanted to stay positive about my situation and feel somewhat in control of a situation that I felt was out of my control.
So off I went, reading, learning, experimenting with this wonderful law that I found out had been around for a very long time and was made popular by the movie "The Secret" which became a huge hit.  I can see why it was a hit.  It gave people hope.  It gave people control.  It put the power back in our hands, allowing us to be our own creators.  If you wanted more wealth in your life, all you had to do was visualize yourself with more wealth.  If you wanted to find that perfect partner, you just had to believe that that partner was already in your life and believe that it was so.  Simple, right? 
What I also found was that along the way, at least in my experience, I got way more than I bargained for.  I started to realize that there was more to my life than finding another partner.  In fact by using these laws I first had to get real with myself and open myself to what was really important to me.  By doing so, my world has opened with so many wonderful possibilities that sat dormant and untapped.  I started to thrive creatively and my interpersonal relationships began to expand and flourish.  I still haven't found my soul mate.  But what I have found instead is so much greater.  I can't help but feel like there is a Divine Being guiding me along my perfect path.  That's how great its been!
How does the Law of Attraction work?  To begin, you need to first ask yourself what you really want and be very clear about this.  Do you want more abundance in your life?  Do you want better relationships (a.k.a. find your soul mate like me), or do you want to just be happy?  Once you decide this, write it out as if it was really happening.  Its important that this is present tense.  The goal is to really "feel" what it would be like to live this way. The better you feel, the greater chances you will have in manifesting this.
Other helpful tools are to do a vision board or collage.  Take a stack of magazines, cut out images that relate to what you are trying to manifest, and then place them on a poster board.  The point of this is to help bring forth your subconscious desires (I will have a workshop on collages, and I have tools that will even help you realize that where you place the picture on the board have subconscious meanings!).  But it also keeps these desires at the forefront of your mind.
Manifestations work when we give attention to them.  Its not like you spend your whole day obsessing about them (this would keep you from being in the present moment- which is the best place to be).  But its important that you keep the "feeling" that these thoughts give you, thereby allowing the magnetic attraction to work freely and effectively.
One of my favorite resources on the Laws of Attraction is Abraham Hicks.  Abraham is a spirit guide of sorts who channels through Ester Hicks.  I know some of you may not believe in the spirit world, but either way, listening to her (him) you would be blown away by the wisdom.  The main message that Abraham teaches is that in order to manifest things in your life you need to be at a high vibration to attract what you want.  You need to imagine what you want, or have and want more of, and feel how great it is to have that thing.  You just need to feel good.  Once you feel good, you will get what you want to attract.  I know this goes against our western thinking in that you get happiness and fulfillment by getting things.  This teaches the opposite.  You feel good, then you get it.  Now that I've been doing this, it makes complete sense to me!  And the best part about all of this, is that I feel great in the moment, no matter what.
Manifesting takes a bit of imagination, a bit of trust and a lot of determination to continue down a path that is absolutely right for you!  Like I said, I wanted to find a partner, but instead I found out my passions and the ability to help people to find happiness on all levels.  Why give my energy to one when I can give it to many!  I'm not giving up on my soul mate.  But what I have found instead is a true and lasting love for myself and others.  What better place to be?!

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