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The Slight Edge
If there was any valuable information I could give you here, I hope you at the very least read this blog.  I swear this stuff is life changing!  I wish I could take credit for it, but all the credit goes to Jeff Olson who coined the term and wrote the book "The Slight Edge".  I read a lot of books and for all of my friends out there, you know I say this or that book was "life changing!" and most, if not all of them are.  But this book gave me the tools to put it all together and to continue to put it together with such ease and optimism, I knew I had to share this with everyone!
Let me first give you a brief description of what the Slight Edge is in the first place.  Imagine if you will, a curve, one being failure and one being success (and this goes for all areas of our life, including relationships, health, money, career, etc..).  The top curve is those who are successful.  At the beginning of the curve is really a flat line.  The failure curve is below, but is riding along steady with the top line.  Both start off without much changes.  But in time, one goes up (the success curve) and one goes down (the failure curve).  Why is this?
For starters, those on the success curve take consistent "baby steps" that along with a positive attitude, some sacrifice, and the ability to dream and hold that dream, will eventually reach their goals with an almost unnoticeable ease.  Why is this?  Because its easy to do!  But its also easy not to do, hence most, 95% of the population, take this "easy not to do" and end up on the failure curve.  But those who take these easy small steps consistently, over time will see success that far out reaches their expectations!
I know I sound like a sales person, but for me this was life changing.  Let me explain what this is currently doing for me.
I have come to realize that I want to reach out and help as many people as possible to help them be happy and achieve their dreams.  I realize that this is my gift in life and now I have to do like all of us when faced with challenges... I need to start taking action to make this a reality!
What the Slight Edge teaches you is that you don't need to figure out "how" to get from point "A" to point "B", you just need to make a plan that involves the first step.  After that, the next step and the next will appear by magic!  The trick is is to keep moving!  Remember that these small steps are easy to do, but they are also easy not to do.  You have a choice.
Let me give you an example of someone who takes the easy not to do choice.  Say for instance, you want to better your life and find more meaning.  You could read 10 pages a day from a book that inspires you, or you could sit in front of the TV or spend your time talking about the woes of the world.  Its easy to do both.  But I guarantee that the person who feeds their mind with positive stuff will see a change in their life.  You can do one or the other.  Either way, you have a choice!
I can't tell you enough how important it is to realize that life is a process and one that doesn't change over night.  Its so important to enjoy the process, because if you don't, before you know it, you will leave this life with regrets for not truly living.  True change takes time and needs experience to build in order for the great stuff to manifest!
I decided to be that 5% who chooses to succeed.  Everyday, I take easy steps that will get me there.  Along the way I plan on having a blast!  I hope you chose this path too.  For starters, read this book.  It WILL change your life!

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