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Soul Rise - Your only obligation is to be true to yourself
     Soul Coaching was developed by world renowned author, speaker, healer, Denise Linn.   As a Certifed Soul Coach ® I was lucky enough to be one of the few lucky souls to learn about this life changing material that not only healed me and made me realize my absolute uniqueness in this life, but has given me the knowledge and skills that Denise has been using for over 3 and one-half decades.  I feel honored to have learned from the best, and now I want to share this life changing knowledge!
So, what does a Soul Coach® do exactly?
     I help you declutter your life, get deep into your subconscious, and tap into your inner most yearnings.  Not unlike a Life Coach, I help you realize your dreams.  The main difference is that I help you find out what your TRUE dreams are and then help you manifest them.
     These meathods that I will be using with you have been proven to make dramatic changes in peoples lives and for many, only a minimal amount of effort still produced changes.
You will be surprise not only by the amazing results, but how fun the process can be!  I can't wait to share in your journey for your new awakening.
"Soul Coaching ® can be equated to a bowl of sand with submerged gems.  When the bowl is gently rocked back and forth, the gems surface into the light of day." - Denise Linn
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