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Michele Elder is one of the few select individuals worldwide that Denise has chosen to personally train in her specialized methods of coaching.
"Michele Elder is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach®.  She creates a safe and nuturing environment for discovering your soul's truth!"
 -Denise Linn, Founder
 International Institute of Soul Coaching®
"I want to thank Michele for a wonderful Soul Journey. Michele was able to take me to a wonderful, peaceful place. I felt I was floating and feeling protected and surrounded by love. It was a very unique experience and I am glad I experienced it with her. Her guidance during the process was calm, and soft. At the same time I felt guided by someone that I can trust. Thanks Michele."
Luis N
Matrix Energetics Practitioner
Portland, OR
I have always been a fan of Michele’s ever since the first time I met her.  Her positive attitude and spunky personality really drew me in.  I was interested in past life regression so I had a session with Michele to check it out.  During my session I connected with my grandma.  This brought me to tears, but happy tears, since it was great to be able to talk to my grandma that passed 18 years ago.  Thank you Michele for helping to connect with my grandma.  I’m so happy to have met you and be able to call you my friend!
Jeannine Downey
 Real Estate Finance Specialist
Portland, OR
I had a past life regression session with Michele that took me back to England's countryside in the 1800's.  Michele was able to take me from childhood through adulthood, and eventually to my death in that lifetime while feeling very safe and loved.  She helped me bring back a life lesson that I know will help me now in my current life.  I highly recommend going to Michele if you are interested in exploring your past lives to see if there are life lessons you are still working on or in need of healing for this current life.  She has a gentle caring way of regressing you, while always keeping your welfare in mind.  With deep gratitude I feel honored to have found you.  Thank you Michele.
 -Kris E.
 Petcare professional
San Diego, California
I observed Michele's method in soul journey's and space clearing.  She is very compassionate.  She truly has her heart in this business and loves helping others from her heart.  She assisted a friend of mine through a personal issue and I must say she is amazing!
-Maria Mamanidis
 Executive Assistant
Sydney, Austalia
What an amazing journey!  Everyday - for 28 days- I was in touch with my spiritual essence.  What a freeing and life enhancing experience.  I love that now I can read these over and over.  Michele is an excellent writer with a magical way of sharing herself and making each person feel so special.  I highly recommend you treat yourself to this wonderful program.  You deserve it!                                                                      
-Carole Bromgard, 
 Licensed Profesional Counselor
Denver, CO

Thank you, thank you Michele for a wonderful and moving Soul Journey.  I felt so protected and loved.  Somehow I knew that you were the perfect vehicle for getting me to the place where I wanted and needed to be.  What we experienced was so beautiful and special.  Having spirit come to me in such a magical and special way was extraordinary.  Michele, you are such a loving, caring soul and I was blessed to have had this experience with you. 

Melissa D.
Portland, OR

I went in with minimal expectation of what to expect.  I have heard many variations of people who go through hypnosis and soul journeys, yet my experience was unique.  Of course, I had what I was "hoping for" to show up.....however, the universe wanted me to take away a different experience.  After several days of feeling lighter, the ah ha came as I woke up on my birthday a few weeks later!  The soul journey spoke to me, as I woke up and experience a sense of peace and contentment.  My past no longer defined my future.  I "let go" as the pole showed during my experience and today, I feel free!  Michele does an superb job of creating a safe and loving environment to nurture this experience and allows you to truly surrender to the experience.  I would HIGHLY recommend this journey to anyone who is struggling with letting go and surrendering.....It is powerful!  Give yourself the gift of self love.... 

Portland, OR
Testimonials from Meetup Group

Kristin  What an incredible kick off to the week! The energy was amazing and I appreciated how everyone showed up in an authentic way. Excited to hear everyone's success stories around their manifestations. Thanks for welcoming me in to such an awesome group! 

Cathy When I left the meeting, I could not stop smiling. It was unbelievable the vision circle we shared.

Eric What a magical group! Amazing!

Mark I really enjoyed this exercise for it not only help support my vision but it also was a great way of connecting with the people here as well a great means to trust my intuitive self for others.

Minaz “ Love it.....Thanks Michele for sharing your gift with us! ”

Cathy“ I really enjoy hearing what I know I should be doing and when you say it out loud it makes a big difference. I am really looking at what to get rid of in my house. This morning, as I was putting dishes away, I noticed 2 bowls which my ex had brought to the house. Loved the bowls, but put them away in another spot so I would not see them. Next is to move them out. Odd how emotional that was as it was just 2 bowls and later felt it was opening a new spot up. ”

Kathy Thank you, Michele for this loving, enlightening workshop. I am with you 100%
Jennifer B Michele did a wonderful job in leading a great discussion regarding the power of Affirmations! Inspiring energy!
Nicole This meetup really left me feeling very positive and hopeful for the future. I really look forward to attending more events :)
Sean K
Loved this group of conscious Beings!
It was an amazing evening with inspirational people. Merci Michele for organizing such a wonderful workshop. I love my vision board, a great way to start 2013. Blessings, LuAnn
a room full of amazing, beautiful people was a pleasure!
Larry P
Thanks Michele for a great experience enjoying the fabulous progress that we all accepted for this coming year. A fab way to get to know each other on this deeper level of projects plans & dreams in progress.
Bill G It was as good as always. Thank you, Michele!
Nona-  Michele does great work and her passion for the subject is obvious and contagious.
Kathy- This Meetup is fahhhbulous, darlink! I love all of the people here. What an incredibly invigorating group - always happy, positive & loving without any negative words spoken & that's so refreshing! We support each other and are truly happy for each other when things go well and are there to comfort if they don't. The positivity helps me in daily life and gives me something beautiful to look forward to. That means the world to me. So nice to see the 2 new members - you guys picked well. We rock!
Sue- its always refreshing to connect with positive energy. Thank you Michele for creating this gathering.
Vicky- Great, inspirational meeting!
Greta- Fantastic group of amazing people exuding awesome energy and covering relevant topics!
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