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What is a Past Life Journey?

Past life journey's are guided meditations, or hypnosis, where you are guided to connect into your past lives to help you heal from long standing traumas.   

Whether you believe in past lives or not, the power of the regression is that you gain clarity about why you may or may not do something and when we bring these feelings to surface, we finally have the ability to heal.

People who have experienced this life changing regression have found their once debilitating fears disappear.   Often health problems go away and relationships heal.  

As your Soul Coach ® I have been trained to guide you on this safe and life changing journey.  I will help you see the lessons that are needing to be learned and I will help you realize how your past life may effect you now.

If anything, it is quite interesting to see deep down and hear our hidden truths by way of our past lives.  Each journey I do is safe, powerful and life changing.  

Past Life regressions help with:

  • Phobias and fears
  • Health ailments
  • Clarity as to why you seem to do what you do
  • Relationships (including connecting with Soulmates)
  • Releasing old guilt that may be holding you back now
  • Understanding connections to present things (such as books, cities, situations)

The power of past life regressions is that we can change our patterns from our past which will set us free to be the best we can be now.

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